Promotional poster for Animunculi. With lineart in a deep, muted rainbow, we see the artist as an embroidered character, grotesque breast monster, as a running comic character, and a glimpse of their IRL self, with short hair and aviator glasses.
Installation photo of a white-walled gallery painted with comic dots and movement marks. To the left we see a wall playing an animation with the show title painted on the wall. To the right we see a restroom with the artist's name painted to the right, a long crochet rainbow, and embroidery blocks with black comic panels painted behind them. In the center of a room stands a pedestal with paintings, comics, and postcards for sale from the artist. Alternative angle showing the embroidery panels alongside three paintings with melting panels painted in the background, spilling into a penis-shaped sculpture on the right wall. The projector faces the viewer, creating a blue lens flare.

Bits, and bobbles, and bodies- oh my! Join us in the revelry of Animunculi, a multi-media cartoon installation exploring the euphoria of queer identiy. Transforming my avatar across sculpture, textile, and moving image, this body exudes motion, momentum, and metamorphosis. With the joy of body modification more prevalent and accessible than ever before, this work asks, what is so monstrous about transition? Entering this installation, I urge viewers to let go of ideas about what a body should be, and consider the joy of possibility embodied in queer identity.

Solo exhibition installed at Blockfort Gallery. Columbus, OH (October 2022)

Installation photo showing the crochet piece and embroidery work together on the wall. Closeup of 'Technicolor Timeline'. Reclaimed textiles are crochet together to form a long, vertical tapestry creating a rainbow. Additional works are out of focus in the background. Closeup of 'Technicolor Timeline' shown diagonally, with painted stitch lines bordering the piece. Closeup of 'Technicolor Timeline' shot from the floor. The knots of the embroidery nailed to the wall are in focus. Closeup of 'Super Stitch Me'. Five blocks of embroidery, white in colour on different materials, are affixed to painted comic panels on the wall with T-pins. The embroidery is done in black, yellow, cyan, and magenta. The cartoons show the same short-haired trans character in various situations, including their breasts being cut off and a squirting vagina protruding from their face. Closeup of 'Super Stitch Me' showing the short-haired character standing like a crab on the ground, peeing on the ground and gyrating their tongue in the air. illustrated in shining yellow floss. Closeup of 'Super Stitch Me' showing the short-haired character with three Cerberus heads protruding from their pelvis like penises in greyscale floss. Closeup of 'Super Stitch Me' showing the short-haired character having their breasts removed in shining magenta floss. Installation shot of three neon gouache paintings on the wall in white frames. Solid black comic panels are painted on the walls behind them, melting as they flow across the wall. Detail shot of 'Sperm-Eye-Cide'. A matte, light cool pink background with a yellow and pink eye being swarmed by small cream eye-sperm. Detail shot of 'Animate Sensations'. Four eyeball figures in lime green and navy blue walk across a neon orange background, diagonally, in the rhythm of Abbey Road. Each eye is gyrating and morphing with different body parts protruding from them. Detail shot of 'Every Angel is Horror'. Neon light blue angels with orange eyes and lime green highlights morph together across the panel in the style of an animation blur. Group shot of three soft sculptures. The first is a large penis-like form with blue Louis Vuitton ribbons as veins and an embroidered cartoon face. The second is a white and black bowling pin shaped figure with crying cartoon eyes, with ropes of braided panties flowing in and out of it. The last is a small cute purple creature with button eyes, a beaver tail, and bedazzled embellishments. Closeup shot of 'Phallacy'. Looking down the sculpture, you see peach coloured ribs of linen forming a penis head and shaft. At the bottom are embroidered herpes at the base of the shaft. A white satin tush tag reads 'YOU ARE NOT IMMUNE TO PENIS ENVY'. The mural behind the sculpture features black ink drops, showing the penis ejaculating. Closeup shot of 'Penetrated'. The cartoon form is made of textured medical fabric and a black velvet outline. The figure cries and slumps over as the heavy braid of panties goes in and out of the sculpture. The mural behind shows movement lines of the sculpture leaning downward. Profile shot of 'Perky'. We see the wiggly texture of the sculpture being supported by its tail, with hand-beading along the seams. In the background is a dark stairwell and the final mural out of focus. Installation shot of 'Tickle-Me Monstro'. Hand-held embroidered doll parts are pinned to a large white wall with taxidermy needles. A cartoon mural around is painted in black, with the short-haired trans character with various genitals on their face, including a vagina, penis, breasts, and butt. Close up  of the embroidered doll. Hand stitching in black and RGB coloured floss shows the cartoon character at the top, with individual genitals in a straight line like clothes of a paper doll. Close up  of the embroidered doll showing embroidered breasts, abs, penis, vagina, and butt. Close up of a part of the mural reflecting in the glass gallery door. The short-haired character has aviator glasses and a slumped penis as a nose. Bright blocks from the gallery entrance reflect behind the character. Panoramic shot of the gallery install.

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