A black and white comic cover featuring an apocalyptic hellscape in the background. In front of a volcanic explosion, earthquake, and lightning strikes, a cartoonish figure is walking towards a chasm in the earth. The figure has floppy, short blonde hair, a large smile, and is topless showing transition scars. They are wearing grey gym shorts, white socks, and black sandals, waiving at the viewer as they walk into the chasm.

A four-panel vertical comic titled 'Are you a boy, or a girl?' drawn in black ink. The first panel shows a blonde figure on the left picking up a cellphone, and a phone surveyor in a suit with black hair on the right. The surveyor asks, 'what is your gender?' In the second panel, the blonde figure breaks the panel division, pushing their head into the face of the dismayed surveyor, saying 'WELL LET ME TELL YOU.' The third panel shows the phone surveyor staring into the distance, sweating and panicked. Around his figure are multiple speech bubbles from the blonde character, trailing off into a variety of explanations regarding their gender identity. In the last panel, the blonde character is leaning back in their chair with a satisfied expression, saying 'does that about answer it?' while the phone surveyor cries and chugs alcohol on the right of the panel. A four-panel vertical comic titled 'Titsuo' drawn in black ink. The four panels combine to make a single image of a grotesque monster with dripping skin, pustulating pores, and an engorged vagina and breasts. The gorey detail of the body references Tetsuo, the climactic monster of the 1988 animated film Akira. A four-panel vertical comic titled 'I should love myself' drawn in black ink. The first panel shows two identical figures, one sobbing and hiding their face and large breasts, and the other with top surgery, looking to comfort the first figure. The next panel shows the comforting figure embracing the crying figure, much to their surprise. Thick black motion lines trail their embrace and surprise. In the third panel, the crying figure hugs back, with the two forms melting into each other. The final panel shows a single figure hugging themself, with glittering sparkles in the background.

Non-binary life in the hell-year of 2020

Sketching out stories of daydreams and dysphoria, these grotesquely adorable comics strap you in for the wild ride of 2020, hurdling past the pain and isolation towards euphoria and forward thinking. Transitioning from self-reflection to self-love, Apoqueerlyptic recognizes the hellscape we endured while stubbornly grasping towards a brighter future.

To access the physical zine, please use the email link below to request a copy. Apoqueerlyptic can also be found at The Hereafter in Wichita, KS and Laughing Ogre in Columbus, OH