Mitch E. Vicieux (they/them) is a queer cartoonist from Southern Maryland (United States, 1994). Dissecting the interdisciplinary potential of comic arts, their practice investigates the construction of gender & body through visual mass media.


They earned an MFA in Art & Technology at The Ohio State University and a BA in Digital Media from St. Mary's College of Maryland. Inviting a global perspective to their work, Mitch has studied animation in Florence, Italy and popular culture theory in Tokyo, Japan.


Currently, Mitch serves as the Graduate & Continuing Studies Coordinator at Columbus College of Art & Design. They are also the

Co-Founder of the Columbus Cartoon Coalition (CX3), a community group for local comic creators.


Morphing between film making, sculpture, installation, and performance, my practice was a well-oiled machine of institutional placation. After years of trying the next best way to manufacture meaning, I’ve come home. The nerdy tween forging fantastical characters is back with a vengeance, digesting the world around and birthing new ones in their wake. Through cartooning and narrative practice, I imbibe reality with a queer lens, churning mundane through the bowels of reverie to animate fiction on the other end. 


This practice began with a deep-dive into my partner and I’s gender transition. With body horror animations and autobio comics, I laid our story on the table, and was surprised by the universalities within our embodied experience. Now, two years into my “final form”, the burden of dysphoria has passed. Subject matter is lighter. Bouncing between cowboy ink drawings, slice-of-life comics, and instructional zines, I react to the stories I’ve become attached to; revitalizing them in my own caricaturized vision.