Transition at the End of the World

A visceral collection of comics highlighting non-binary life in the hell-year of 2020

Sketching out stories of daydreams and dysphoria, these grotesquely adorable comics strap you in for the wild ride of 2020, hurdling past the pain and isolation towards euphoria and forward thinking. Transitioning from
self-reflection to self-love, Apoqueerlyptic recognizes the hellscape we endured while stubbornly grasping towards a brighter future.

Below you'll find select pages from Apoqueerlyptic. To access the physical zine, please use the Contact page to request a copy. Apoqueerlyptic can also be found at The Hereafter in Wichita, KS and Laughing Ogre in Columbus, OH

AQ Cover.PNG
Binder Boom
High Lonesome Cactus
Mask Up
I Should Love Myself