Camp Cornstars

A poster board for Camp Cornstars, depicting a cornfield with an angelic Kylie Minogue watching over. To the left there is a sign reading 'CORN IS REAL'. Below is a WANTED poster with a corn cob in an Amish flat topped hat, reading 'WANTED: A child who shall lead them'. To the right is a muscular, shirtless figure in undone overalls with the head of The Man from Burning Man. A poster board depicting a seed of corn sprouting over time. At the last row of its growth, the corn begins to pop and sprout limbs, until it becomes The Man.

A message from Camp Cornstars to come!

A postcard depicting a sexy country man's body holding a corn cop suggestively between his legs. The body's face is that of The Man's. To the left reads 'Buttered or RAW?' alongside details for Camp Cornstar's 2022 Burning Man site. A postcard with Camp Cornstar's Burning Man tent in the background. We see the BILF bar inside the tent, with barstools and couches inside. Corn hangs from string lights along the tent. In the foreground we see an ear of corn beginning to pop. A postcard with a black background and goldenrod yellow illustration lines. The Man has a corn cobb body, and is sitting in a cornucopia floating in space. Text reads 'We're from the star system Cornucopia'.