934 @ Seventhson: Getaway Show
Proof of Concept by Mitch Vicieux


You don't have to board a plane to "Getaway" from the winter blues. This hand-drawn animation turns an unfortunate beer-bump into a journey through wintertime coping mechanisms. From plant care and SAD lamps to our glorious frozen waterfalls, this time-based work illuminates the things we can joyfully indulge in despite the grey weather outside.

This work will be exported as a looping video (MP4 or MOV), approximately 30-45 seconds long. Display options include projection, or on a TV/tablet/video screen via media player looping. Sound is not required for this piece, and the final product would be in colour (proof of concept in B&W). With cartoons as a constant form of escapism for many, this project epitomizes "Getaway" in message and medium with the idea of turning a bad situation around.

Examples of Work

Animation Sample

2Frame loop gif.gif
Sussy Mitch.gif