Soft Earth Bodies

Three soft sculptures sit in the corner of a white gallery. All three sculptures are made from white and primary coloured fleece fabric. The sculptures have black paint on them that resembles cartoon ink.

I was scrubbed and sanitized, prepared and drawn on, sliced and sutured. It’s a lifelong journey to sculpt yourself, through cuts and cardio and recombination. Through this pursuit, I wonder - who is allowed to transform? These musings are ignited by the surgical presence of my transition, and boundaries faced along the way. Bringing form to transitional possibilities, my practice stitches comic arts and plush sculpture together, bearing a brood of limitless bodies.

Featured at the John Fergus Family Award Exhibition. Urban Arts Space, Columbus OH

Detail shot of PEEPER from behind. The harsh lighting makes a dark shadow of their dorsal fins against the wall. Detail shot of TRIAD, showing the giant red arm uncurled. It supports the figure, curling outward into an arch like a slinky toy. Solo shot of WFV. A giant blue vaginal mound sits against the gallery corner. The labia are red and yellow fleece, with a large white horn acting as a clitoris. The center canal is black fleece, with sheer white fabric flowing outward. There is a white line border covering the seam. The sculpture is covered in black ink and cartoon patterns of an eyeball angel. Detail shot of WFV. Red and yellow fleece labia drape over the form, revealing a pointy white clitoral form and chiffon squirt protruding from the black space in the center of the sculpture. Detail shot of PEEPER showing detail of the eye acrylic painting on the fabric. Detail shot of TRIAD showing detail of the eye acrylic painting on the fabric.

List of Works

Photo documentation by Camille Burgess